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When planning your next event in Colorado Springs, whether it is for your wedding, corporate event, special event, or private party, the Whisky Baron Dance Hall and Saloon is a highly recognized party venue and event center in Colorado Springs that can make your vision a reality. Our goal at Whiskey Baron Dance Hall and Saloon is to create a memorable experience for you and your guests that will be remembered for years to come.

The Whiskey Baron Dance Hall & Saloon is a Unique, Rustic Event Venue Space

wedding event at the Whiskey Baron Dance Hall and Saloon

With a beautiful warm, rustic aesthetic and design, the Whiskey Baron Dance Hall and Saloon is a prime venue that features a large dance floor, entertainment, food and drink accommodations, and ample space that can fit your event. This venue has a capacity of up to 700 guests, which offers a wide variety of options for your event based on specific size, theme, and purpose.

The Whiskey Baron Dance Hall and Saloon is available for weddings primarily on Sunday through Tuesday for events as well as Wednesday through Saturday before 6pm MST. If you are in need of special arrangements or exceptions, you may contact our venue for special pricing by:

Phone: (719) 465-3806

Email: thewhiskeybaron@yahoo.com

For your music and food options, all guests can bring their own outside vendors or utilize the Whiskey Baron’s full restaurant and bar staff. Our venue provides a wide selection of vendors who can meet the vision for your special event, no matter the occasion.


Wedding Ceremony & Reception Hall Venue in Colorado Springs

 A wedding is a special event that celebrates the love a couple has for one another. It marks the beginning of their marriage. For many couples, choosing their venue is among the most important in planning for their special day. The Whiskey Baron Dance Hall and Saloon’s space offers accountability for both an indoor wedding ceremony or reception.  Based on your specific wedding party and guest list, the large dance floor, disco lights, and delicious menu provide an all-inclusive experience that will put your wedding planning at ease.

Corporate Event Venue in Colorado Springs

For Corporate events, it can range from a more formal meeting to a casual get-together. For some, the term “Corporate” may come off as formal and does not contain entertainment. Fortunately, the Whiskey Baron Dance Hall and Saloon works closely with your organization to plan your event so each employee who is a part of the event feels included and is excited about every detail. A few examples of corporate events may include:

Corporate Holiday Parties

Corporate Retreats

Corporate Events such as Employee Award Nights

No matter what your organization plans, the Whiskey Baron Dance Hall and Saloon is a great venue option that will make the entire team feel included and welcome.


A Great Venue for Private Events in Colorado Springs

A private event is a small, intimate gathering that is limited to only a certain number of guests not open to the general public. Based on what the theme is for your private event, the Whiskey Baron Dance Hall and Saloon offers a wide selection of food and drinks that can accommodate your guests’ needs. Based on the specifications of your private event, Whiskey Baron’s venue works with you to accommodate any special requests.


Party Time! Great Venue for Birthday Parties, Office Parties, or Corporate Parties

A party is not just for birthdays. They are gatherings of people that come together for a certain purpose. Whether it is for your organization, club, office, wedding, or family reunion, parties celebrate the reason you and your guests have come together. The Whiskey Baron Dance Hall and Saloon offers event space that curates to your specific needs. There is no label or extent to what our special event venue can be used for!


Indoor, Large Event Venue in Colorado Springs

Have you ever heard the saying, “Less is more?” Well, in this case when planning an event, bigger is better. Having a large, indoor event space for your party allows for more versatility, space, and opportunity to make your event the best it can be without any limitations. If you are planning for an indoor gathering in Colorado Springs, the Whiskey Baron Dance Hall and Saloon offers the space, comfortability, and versatility that will make your event a success. With a capacity for up to 700 guests, the opportunities are endless no matter how large you want your party to be.


An Affordable Venue in Colorado Springs for Any Special Event

Whiskey Baron Dance Hall & Saloon Venue Image - Event Venue in Colorado Springs

On average, event venues are one of the most expensive costs when planning an event. On average, event venues in Colorado Springs range from $500 to $9,000 depending on the location and number of guests that are attending the event.

The Whiskey Baron Dance Hall and Saloon offers competitive pricing that delivers everything you are looking for to plan and host your event while staying within budget. Contact us today to book your event or to set up a tour.

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