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People line dancing in cowboy boots at a country western bar

Imagine walking into a dance hall and immediately feeling like you are a part of the fun. At The Whiskey Baron Dance Hall and Saloon, that is the experience you will have through line dancing, a performance of upbeat steps, and popular dance routines. Even if you are not familiar with the routine, we offer Line Dancing lessons that you can attend right here in Colorado Springs on Wednesdays and Fridays from 6:00pm to 8:00pm. Before you head on down for some fun, let’s chat about Line Dancing, why it’s special, and what makes it so much fun.

What is Line Dancing?

Line Dancing is the art of bringing people together to dance in lines to music that is choreographed with a repeating series of steps performed in unison. Line Dancing is also widely recognized in an outgoing country hoedown. Most of the time, country line dances are made up of different steps to several counts that are coordinated with a beat. If you have ever heard of, “Cha-Cha Slide,” “The Macarena,” or “Charlie Brown,” you have actually been a part of a line dance.

You Might Be Familiar with Some the Line Dancing Moves Already

People line dancing in cowboy boots at a country western bar

When you think of the words line dancing by itself, some examples of popular dances might not immediately come to mind. However, one of these popular line dancing moves below might refresh your memory.

  • The “Heel Dig” – This is a move where your feet begin together, then you will take each foot and move it forward while angling the heel down to the floor, so your toes are pointing toward the ceiling. The heel dig will start with one dig and then return your foot to its original position. Next, you will life the same foot and do two heel digs, then return it to its original position. You will then repeat this movement with the opposite foot.
  • The “Ten Step” – This is a line dance that includes moving both of your feet in a synchronized fashion where each movement represents a number, ranging from one to ten. Once you reach ten, you and your dancing partners will move forward while shuffling your feet until you reach count 8, starting the route over.
  • The “Grapevine” – Otherwise known as the “Vine,” this includes traveling your body to the left or right side, originally starting to the right side. The first step includes moving your right foot to the right with your left foot crossing behind the right foot to follow next. Third, your right footsteps to the right and then ends with your left foot closing to the left side of the right foot.
  • The “Jazz Square” – This is a popular dance routine that helps improve your coordination. Based on you are doing a right-over-left or left-over-right jazz box, the routine is the same. You will begin with stepping your right foot across your left foot (right-over-left), following stepping your left foot back and to the side. Next, you step to the right side with your right foot, and then close your left foot to the left side of your right foot.
  • The “Pivot Turn” – Simply put, this is just a half turn. A lot of dances include 2 pivot turns in a row to complete a full 360-degree rotation. You begin with stepping forward on to your right foot while keeping the weight centered on the ball of your foot. Next, with your weight evently distributed, turn your body a half turn to the left and end with your left foot in front.

How to Line Dance Like A Pro

If you want to learn how to Line Dance like a professional, it is easier than you think. You start by standing in a room with space to move around comfortably. Once the setting is in place, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Stand still with your feet together, keeping your arms relaxed at your sides.
  2. Lift your right foot and step forward, keeping your legs at shoulder-width apart.
  3. Step your left foot behind and then to the right of your right foot, crossing your legs from one another.
  4. Move your right foot to the right, which puts your legs in their original position.
  5. Put your left foot back in its original position so your feet are now back together.
  6. Now, you will repeat those same steps but instead, move to the left rather than the right.

Congratulations! You have successfully completed a full cycle.

Keep in mind: Based on the speed of the song, how fast or slow you move your feet will depend on the song’s rhythm. Once you have mastered the steps to a line dance, you will be the star of the show as well as impress your friends and family. Soon after, they may come to you for line dancing lessons!

Where Did Line Dancing Begin?

a pair of cowboy boots sitting on a wooden fence at a ranch

It is believed that Line Dancing began during the 19th-century in Europe when folk dancers transformed their own songs into more modern country music. One of the first true Line Dances was “The Madison,” which was danced for the first time in Columbus, Ohio in 1957.

Where Can You Find Line Dancing Lessons in Colorado Springs?

We offer line dance lessons Wednesdays and Fridays from 6-8 PM.

Wednesday’s class is for intermediate and advanced learners, Friday’s class is for beginners.

We also offer other dance lessons throughout the week. Please click the link below for more information.

Hope to see you!

**All lessons are subject to change without notice. Instructors may vary.

Dance Lessons

With bars opening back up and nights out with family and friends is now welcomed (thanks, Covid-19), it feels good to finally have a seat at the bar and order your long-awaited cocktail. The problem is you cannot recall the name of the last cocktail you ordered. No need to worry, we have provided a list of the best go-to cocktails to order at a whiskey bar.

What is the Best Cocktail to Order at a Bar?

Image of a mojito cocktail drink that is popular to order at a bar

With so many options to choose from, it can be a mind-numbing process to order a cocktail from a bar’s menu. To help you out, we have researched and listed the 5 best bar drinks to order to make that process a little less troublesome.

  1. Negroni – If you are looking for a drink that contains sophistication, this is the cocktail for you. Combined with equal parts gin, sweet vermouth, and Campari, Negronis are well-known as cocktails that are consistent with each sip, are delicious, and never fail to impress. As an added plus, these ingredients can be found in almost any bar and can be easily prepared by bartenders.
  2. Mai Tai – If you are feeling tropical, this cocktail will take you on a journey to your favorite beach destination. The ingredients that create this Tiki classic are white rum, orange curaçao, dark rum, fresh lime juice, and orgeat syrup, making it a fruity yet delectable treat.
  3. Moscow Mule – This fizzy concoction is the perfect middle ground between too strong and too sweet. Combined with lime juice, vodka, and ginger beer, the Moscow Mule is very popular for its spicy yet refreshing taste. And even better, bartenders can easily prepare it in a cocktail shaker and strain it into a copper mule cup, garnished with a lime wedge.
  4. Classic Martini – if you want to have a cocktail where you can truly explore the ingredients without any added sugar, this cocktail is the one for you. Stirred, not shaken, London dry gin, dry vermouth, ice, and a Spanish olive is all that’s needed to create this elegant and classy cocktail. Anywhere you go, your bartender will know the delicate steps to perfect this widely popular drink.
  5. Mojito – Known as one of the oldest cocktails out there, this iconic cocktail dates back to the 16th-century. Created with white rum, simple syrup, club soda, fresh lime juice, and mint leaves. This cocktail will always live up to its name, even Ernest Hemingway called it his favorite.

What are the Best Whiskey Cocktails to Order?

Image of a Old Fashioned Whiskey cocktail drink that is popular to order at a whiskey bar

While sometimes bartenders can get creative with some of the best whiskey cocktails, having a classic whiskey drink can bring back old memories. These are some of the 5 best whiskey cocktails you can order at the bar:

  1. Old Fashioned – This cocktail is a classic that is comprised of whiskey, bitters, sugar cubes, and an orange twist. This brings rich flavor that is perfectly balanced with bitter and sweet. Best of all, it is not a difficult cocktail to create for your bartender.
  2. Manhattan – For true whiskey lovers, this cocktail has a balanced combination of sweetness and strong, garnished with a cherry. This is a simple yet classy cocktail that is served straight up and chilled in a cocktail glass.
  3. Brown Derby – Combined with whiskey, honey simple syrup and grapefruit juice, this cocktail delivers a fruitful taste of sweet and sour. This is served chilled straight up.
  4. Whiskey Sour – For those who love a kick of a sour punch in their drinks, a Whiskey Sour is a traditional cocktail that contains bourbon, lemon juice, sugar, and an egg white. When shaken well with cracked ice and strained into a chilled cocktail glass, your server will finish it off with a lemon wedge garnish and a cherry and call it an evening to remember.
  5. Irish Coffee – For those who seek a cocktail for the holiday season, this cocktail is a hot drink that hits the spot during cold days. Made with brown sugar syrup and unsweetened heavy cream, blended with coffee and Irish whiskey, is the perfect dessert cocktail after dinner.

Why We Don’t Recommend a Frozen Drink

Image of three frozen margarita drinks with a canceled logo stamped on top that we don't recommend ordering at any bar

Although they may look pretty from the menu, frozen cocktails can pose a few downsides. Aside from other cocktails that a bartender can create, frozen drinks may take longer. Having a frozen cocktail may not sit with you as well as others, especially if you are wanting to dance afterward. Or the worst of all, you can experience a brain freeze, which can definitely ruin conversations with friends. Additionally, if you want a cocktail that is going to turn heads, a frozen drink might not be the best option, since it does not give your bartender enough wiggle room to craft something unique.

What Drink Would a Bartender Order?

Now gathering information from the other side of the bar, bartenders prefer to create cocktails that contain high quality but with minimal ingredients. On average, most cocktails contain 3 main ingredients: alcohol, a sour, and a sweet. When you visit Whiskey Baron Dance Hall & Saloon, try one these five specialty cocktails:

  1. Appletini – This is a mixture of Vodka, Apple Pucker, Splash S&S, and Sprite.
  2. Colorado Bulldog – This is a combination of Vodka, Kahlua, Coke, and Cream.
  3. Washington Apple – This contains Crown Royal Apple, Cranberry Juice, and Sprite.
  4. Jamaican 10 Speed – This is a mixture of Malibu Rum, Melon Liquor, Pineapple, and a Splash Cream.
  5. Hurricane – This contains Rum, Captain Morgan, Orange Juice, Pineapple, and a Splash of Grenadine.

Remember to Have Fun!

Whether if you choose to explore the world of whiskey or choose another popular cocktail, you will enjoy the memories you will make with friends, families, and new friends you may meet at the bar. At Whiskey Baron Dance Hall & Saloon, we make it a point to have fun with big-name concerts, events, dancing lessons, themed party nights, exciting drink specials, and we can’t forget the delicious food we have on our menu. Come one, come all! Have some fun and try ordering one of those cocktails we talked about. You might just discover your new favorite drink. Cheers!